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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

signs, signs, everywhere signs. Here's yours.

Coming out on highway 10 this morning, I note they are doing yet more paving of side streets. Like it needs it out here in the boonies. Anyway, I glance backwards in the rear view mirror after I pass the construction signs.

.........which, apparently, are numbered on the back. With black spray paint.

PLEASE tell me I'm wrong. PLEASE tell me the DOT doesn't hire people THAT stupid, that they have to *number* the backs of construction signs. So the workers know *what order* they're put up. Surely you'd know the "road construction ahead" signs go up ahead of the "be prepared to stop" ones. Yes? Thought so.

How stupid are we here in the grand U.S. of A?

--crooks running through the woods at night trying to escape the cops. And they're wearing *light up shoes*.

--A terrorist attempting to blow up a plane. with a bomb in his *shoe*.

--Before robbing a bank, calling ahead to tell the teller to have the money ready (this also falls under "lazy" as well as stupid, BTW)

I freely admit I'm no Einstein.

But even *I* know how to spell "bookstore" right the first time.

Just a thought. From one who doesn't have many.

Scratch (who is grateful nature, at least, follows directions.)

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