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Monday, April 26, 2010

My precccccious

It's Friday evening, and we've just got back to the 'box after a long afternoon of getting things done. I'm sitting in my *favorite* chair while Dent ticks around on the computer. I start thinking, and go to digging in my change purse. I'm looking for Dent's ring. I'd put it in there for safekeeping. As I'm pulling it out, I look down at my own.

.......which is missing from my finger.

I guess at this point I should have been freaking out. But to be honest, I went kinda numb.
It wasn't an expensieve ring, but still, it was from Dent. So we start looking under chairs, in my purse, everywhere I can think of. Dent doesn't help matters any by telling me, "I don't remember seeing you wearing it yesterday...." No, this doesn't help *at all*.

This just makes it worse because

a) I can't remember the last time *I* saw it and, more importantly
b)I don't lose things. Period.

I am thinking it got left (fell off my finger) at the hardware store we were at earlier that evening.

So if you were at Lowe's Friday night and found a small, silver ring, be good to it, okay? It meant something to me.....


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  1. That is BALLS. I know I'd be bouncing-off-the-walls insane if I lost my engagement or wedding ring.


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