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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

how far would you go for a practical joke?

Seeing how there was no class today, I spent some quality time scarching for that perfect little something. I looked and looked. Walmart didn't have it. Neither did Target. Nor Toys R Us. Not even that fancy-schmancy toy store in the mall. Finally, I stumbled upon what I had been searching for, ever since a classmate cracked up the entire class, cause she'd seen a real one standing by the side of the road and didn't know why it was just standing there. So I found her one, at the Dollar Store.

What did I find? A goat.

You heard me. A friggin goat. A stuffed, goofy, head-too-big goaty goat. With lil felt horns. Complete with beard.

And I'm gonna sneak it on to her desk tomorrow evening in class. When she takes a break and comes back, there's gonna be a goat sitting on her math book. Debating on printing up a sign to go with it.


Or something.

I hope it will be worth tracking through hell and half of Georgia for this damn stuffed animal.

In other news, yours truely the dumbass FINALLY went to get her taxes done. Yay! Could we have waited any later? All you need to know is, YES, I'm getting money back. NO, I'm not telling you how much. So there. ;)

And a totally unrelated question: can someone, anyone, tell me why images show up on the computers at school, but come up broken when I'm looking at the web page on the laptop at home? From what I can tell, a lot of people have this problem, and noone seems to be able to tell me why, nor is Blogger's help section very, uhm, helpful. KThanx.

Finally, I'm trying to come up with a descriptive term for people who are obsessed with Twilight (Or vampires in general). You know, like Jimmy Buffet fans are "Parrot heads", and Greatful Dead fans are "dead heads". "Fang heads" doesn't sound catchy enough. Edwardians? Bat Brains? What?

Just wondering
("...............Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" "shut up, goat.")



  1. Well, 'Twi-tards' (hyphenate to taste) has been making the rounds for awhile now.....



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