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Monday, April 12, 2010

Get out much, folks?

" Wing Nut
2.(noun) A person appearing to be moderately to severely crazy, disoriented, majobling, see Majoble, jumbled and more often than not, a total mess. A wingnut is a constant source of entertainment to those surrounding it and can easily be found in any type of setting or venue. Example: grocery stores, sporting events, cross-walks, public transportation, school, work…you may even have one in your house.
'The wingnut that is suppose to be teaching our biology class is talking to the fire extinguisher and telling it to read 'Paradise Lost' for yesterday's class.' "

Ladies and gentleman, I give you a wing nut. I'm in tune with some of the items. I admit it. But even I'm not brave enough to put a "Mayan Countdown Calendar" on my blogspace.

Should the world decide to end anytime soon, feel free to say "I told you so".

Stay Tuned.


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