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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So I'm walking to my car yesterday afternoon. Not looking at anything in particular. I never do, when this sort of thing happens. It happens a lot. People joke about how lucky I must be. I guess. Anyhoo, just glancing down, I find this.

I don't know how I find them. Some folks spend an hour or more, just looking. I just glance down, and it waves at me. Happens all the time. No, I'm not Irish. Or Leprechaun. But it got me thinking of some of the random blogs I've found on this site.

Clicky on the "next blog" link up at the top there. There's a 70% chance somewhere some fool will be talking about how much he or she is "blessed". As in "I have been so blessed to have religion in my life" or "I am blessed with 4 wonderful children". Awesome. But am I the only one tired of the use of the word "blessed"? It's overused.

How about instead of the word "blessed", you use the word "thankful"? Or "grateful"? "Blessed" makes it sound (to me anyway) like you feel you are entitled to keep whatever you got. Like it was bestowed on you "just because".

Being thankful doesn't just fall on Thansgiving.

Be thankful every day. This ranks up there with telling that loved one you love them before they leave in the morning. Saying "Thank you" to the cashier, even though she may have been a little rude to you (Maybe she was having a bad day). Or thanking the cop who pulled you over--he's just doing his job--YOU were the one speeding. I have found a LOT of blogs involving folks whining because the fertility treatments didn't work. Uhm, be grateful you're healthy, and have you thought about adopting? Be happy with what you have, and work with that.

Say thank you and be grateful.
Because in an instant, it can all dissappear.


PS, I'm grateful I have a hobby:

I call this "500 raccoons (and one red panda)". There's a couch under there somewhere. Behind it is my other hobby, mangling houseplants.

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  1. Still finding them, huh? You've got a knack for that, you know.

    Me, I just find freaking Bumblebees, usually after a stretch of seriously bad luck. Not kidding. I can have the week from hell and oh look! A brand new bit of yellow to add to my collection. He's either an angel or a friggin' jinx. I can't tell which.

    I hate saying that I'm blessed. I prefer the term lucky. I'm lucky I got married, bought a house, have a job, etc. Because in all honesty, the universe could decide to take it all away if it damn well wanted.

    PS I'm also lucky that I have a hubby who supports my crazy hobbies. If he didn't, I wouldn't be the proud owner of a fugitive Toon bunny.


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