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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A little sad today.

So you FINALLY find someone you used to know, used to be friends with... wave a little flag >hello! I'm here!!<

..........They either don't notice you or are ignoring you completely.

Granted, I'm using another name than the one she knew when we were buds in high school...

But you'd think she'd at least clicky on the lil link to see who posted a comment to her blog. My appearance hasn't changed THAT much.

Are you mad at me, or something? Is that why you never answered your emails?
Or are you that wrapped up in yourself right now you don't see your friend peeking through a window?

If anyone talks to this girl IRL, tell her that her "sister" from Laney High School was looking for her.....


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  1. :jumps up and down waving:
    I'm here! I'm over here! Or something.


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