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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My conversations with Dent on the phone tend to run like this:

Dent: "so when is registration anyway?"
Me: "I wouldn't know, unless I looked up the website."
Dent: "Is it like the 6th? or the 16th?"
Me: (with an edge to my voice) "I wouldn't know, unless I looked up the website."
Dent: "...........I love you dear." (this is what he says when he knows I'm irritated at *him* and wants to end the conversation.)

This wouldn't be so bad, except he doesn't realize WHY this irritates me. Uhm, were you not just listening? I just said I didn't know. And he pulls this NEARLY EVERY TIME WE HAVE A CONVERSATION. I guess the "selective hearing" thing affects all guys, even Dent.

Pity, I'd hoped you were at least a *little* different. :-P



  1. Yeah comment from the peanut gallery. Saw your comment on another site so thought would check yours out. I like it. Noticed also Medieval farmers and Society for Creative Anachronism.....I have been so some of their dos in Australia. i have done a post about re-enactment societies on my blog.....and lots of quirky history articles so you may like to check it out....if you don't like it that's OK too. Blog is:
    Thanks again for your blog....I will keep visiting if that's OK

  2. Every male is like this. I can be chattering away with Prime when he'll suddenly say, "Huh?" He. Wasn't. Freaking. Listening!

    If he wasn't so cute, or didn't keep buying me Bumblebees, I'd smack him in the head.


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