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Monday, February 15, 2010

snow, snow go away.....

You know it's bad when even your vehicles get the shivers.

I am so damn sick of snow it isn't funny. It's snowed for the last 5 weekends.... I used to like the stuff. That was before we got 8" a couple of weeks ago, and most of it was still here this weekend when we got MORE. It's friggin' NC for gawdsakes. We aren't supposed to get this much snow.

Fortunately it was raining this morning. So hopefully it'll wash away all that nasty snow. I want spring, dammit.

Valentine's day went well. Managed to surprise Dent with a box of chocolates... PLOP! Before the man can even get out of bed. How I managed to hide them for two weeks I'll never know. Where there's food there's Dent sniffing it out. Later that afternoon we went out for Chinese. I don't know why I like that buffet place so much; maybe it's those chicken things that are so much like McNuggets... LOL.

But anyhoo. Hope your V-Day went off without a hitch.


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