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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

snow, snow, go away.

It's getting awfully dang hard to see my feet, much less tie my shoes. Hopefully this situatuion will correct itself within the next month or so. I won't go into details.....Some stuff in my life ain't for personal consumption. But the more astute could guess why I have gained some weight...

From Friday morning, to this morning, I was stuck. We got 6 1/2" of snow (which is weird for this area.). Most of the secondary roads weren't treated...and I live on a *dirt* road. Which made it harder. Dent managed to get out yesterday and came home with like 100 lbs of kitty litter (for traction...not cause we have a giant cat lol) So I had no excuse to stay out of class today. Darn. :-D Review for plant I D was intresting... traipsing around in the snow trying to figure out what the heck all this stuff is.

A hearty hello to anyone who may be slipping through from DeviantArt. Hello! Managed to get back on the site after 6 years... >waves<


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