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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

General Hospital

So here I am, it's 8:30 PM. I've got an I.V. sticking out of one hand.....while a nurse is simultaneously trying to draw blood out of the other. Not pretty. Poor Dent over in the corner moaning, ".....needles...needles...." Dent isn't so hot on needles. Neither am I, come to think of it. But after being poked and prodded in all sorts of other places, a stick here and there ain't much to it. And at least I got (sort of) fed. And now I know what I have going on......... The light is at the end of the tunnel. At last! Pretty soon I won't have to roll out of bed, and my back pain should magically dissappear! ;) And that's all I'm gonna say about dat.

Expecting more foul weather. In fact, it's cold and rainy. And I left the 'brella in the car. Bad me. But hopefully it won't snow. Again. Be glad when we get warm weather again.

I am so tired today. Must be all that added "weight" (wink wink)


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