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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I keep intending on bringing in some pictures to post on this thing. But I forget the CD they're on. It's packed away in a special box. With all the other picture stuff. And what would I post anyway? You REALLY don't want to see MY ugly mug.

Today is cold, drizzly, and just downright icky. Would have loved to have stayed in bed a little first class isn't until 10 or so, but if you aren't here by 8:45, you have to walk clear from timbuktu.

So this semester I hit upon a BRILLIANT idea. Or at least we'll see how brilliant it is when I take my first test....I have this class, see, where I have to identify plants. So here I am walking behind the instructor...snapping pictures of everything he's pointing out. As a reference. Saving all this stuff on a CD with the proper names (nothing so vulgar as a common name with this stuff--!) . Smart? We'll see.


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