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Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Year Down

So here it is, another year down.... the decorations have all been taken down and put back in storage. Presents put away in their proper places (or at least picked up off the floor.)

Another year down. I turn 35 Friday...went to renew my licence the other day, and found myself having to once again drive with glasses. Also having to wait for the dang licence because they send the stupid things through the mail. Is this a good idea? It isn't like thieves need any more incentive to steal your identity than the closest mailbox. Yes, I realize tampering with the mail is a federal offense. Doesn't stop people from stealing credit card applications does it? Can't wait to see how horrible the picture turned out (I wasn't shown the licence, I was just given a piece of paper stating it was "on its way" and here, here's a temporary one)

Another year down... Started classes Thursday.... We'll hope I have as much fun this time around as I did last semester. Some of the loudmouth idiots apparently graduated. Or have better things to do.

Another year down.... the rest of my life to go. :)


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