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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

blog thingies

So Dent tells me last night, he says, "So when are you going to include me in this blog thingie?"

Well, right after we get some decent pictures of us together, for one. If you want folks to understand we're a matched set, we gotta make sure folks can see it. People are dumb, you know.

Almost turkey time here in badhairland.... here's hoping you get stuffed. In a good way. I get to go around my elbow to get to my child (laugh). Someone sneezed on 40, so now there's a lot of giant boogers, I mean BOULDERS in the road up there.

Next stop: RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Again. Final week.... hopefully it'll be warmer than it was last time..... Maybe we can get some decent pictures up, too. I keep promising.... Have to dust off the ol' wings.... But does any of my stuff still fit?? More importantly, does any of my stuff make me look...........uhm..... fat? ;)

We are now the proud borrowers of a patio... the kind folks we rent from put one in a couple of weeks ago, and threw in their old picnic table to match....... Last weekend we spent removing small trees growing a little too close to the car port. The squirrels ain't happy, but they'll have to deal with it.



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