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Thursday, November 12, 2009

40 things that piss me off.

1. Folks who don't remember what "Indoor Voice" means
2. Folks who don't *care* what "indoor voice" means.
3. People who tailgate, oblivious to the fact it's a no passing zone and you're behind a bus.
4. People in big honkin' SUV's or oversized pickup trucks thinking they can bully me off the road. (Survey says, BBBBBZZZZTTTT!)
5.People who let their brats walk all over them in public (If I said half the things I've heard over the past couple of months to MY parents, I'd have my teeth knocked out)
6. Folks who pull out in front of you like they got someplace to be, and then proceed to do 10 miles UNDER the speed limit.
7. EMT's/cops who turn on siren/lights so they don't have to stop for the red light.
8. Folks who aren't living here legally (If I'm paying taxes, dammit, you should too.)
9. Folks who don't bother to use the "vibrate" setting on their phones in areas best suited for QUIET (libraries, computer labs, movies)
10. salesmen who don't listen. (I'll go into detail on this one another time)
11. The most annoying sound in the world: "Nuh UHHHH! The 'Dixie Chicks' sing 'Landslide'!"
12. Instructors who use class time to preach on subjects other than what they're supposed to be teaching
13. That bitch with the 50 items in the "10 items or less" line in the grocery store.
14. That bitch in the shiny BMW who thinks that because SHE has a nice car, YOU will get out of HER way (see # 3)
15. People who litter. If it isn't good enough to keep in YOUR car, what makes you think I want to see it along the road?
16.People who are too lazy/cheap/stupid to use ashtrays. Even if your car doesn't have one, you can buy ones to fit your cup holder for like $5. GROW UP.
17. People who leave religious tracts in bathroom stalls. I get confused between it and the toilet paper.
18. $4000 rims. $1500 car stereo. Car? Worth $200. If you want to waste money, GIVE IT TO ME INSTEAD.
19. Parents who assume that because YOU brought YOUR child, YOU want to watch THEIRS. I'm sorry, you bring 'em, you're responsible for 'em.
20. Relations (or ex-relations) who make snide remarks about how often you visit, but then can't turn off their &*&^%%$## computer for five minutes to talk to their grandchild.
21. People who think they know EVERYTHING. I'm sorry, there's always more to learn.
22. Folks at the grocery store who buy stuff with food stamps, and whip out that $100 bill to pay for the booze. WTF? Especially when it's a woman wearing a fur coat. Double WTF?
23. Having other people trying to give you advice, when their opinion is neither wanted nor needed.
24. Folks who judge other people, when they haven't been in their shoes or lived the life they've lived.
25. Having instructors forget what they've told you, and try to take up assignments they haven't assigned.
26. Children screaming at a restaurant. I mean, come on! Put your dinner in a box to go, or at least take the child outside for a minute. Don't ignore it.
27. Folks who let their dogs run loose. Especially the big ones. Unless you WANT to get sued when the mutt bites me.
28. Folks who move the dog pen as far away from their house as they can get it. If you don't like noise, maybe you shouldn't have a dog? They bark, you know.
29. Apartments with paper thin walls. I'm sorry, I don't want to hear my neighbor fart.
30. People who don't cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.
31. Women who blame it on PMS. Admit it, you're a bitch.
32. Being stared at. It's rude. If you want to talk to me, come up and talk to me.
33. Being stared at while I'm eating.
34. Being whistled at, whether to get my attention or because you think I'll be flattered. I'm sorry, I'm not a dog. See #32.
35. Having other people waste my time.
36. Folks who sit behind me in the parking lot, thinking I'm pulling out of the parking space. Never mind I'm sitting in the damn BACK SEAT. I ain't Larry Bird.
37. PeOpLe WhO TyPe LiKe ThIs. Who still does this? How old are we again?
38. Stupid people. I'm not talking about mentally retarded. I mean genuinely stupid, as in no common sense.
39. People who can't hang up the cell phone for five minutes so they can order their food at the micky d's.
40.being ignored by someone, and then they assume everything is all hunky-dory when they finally DO decide I'm worth their time.

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